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School Management System

Institute Management System software enables you to manage your institutes, schools, colleges, university and other academics with this amazing management software of Barnamij Solution.

IMS Software is a complete and comprehensive institute management software developed on .NET. It covers etc and every aspect of institutional need.

It has Information System, Dynamic Reporting, User rights option, Billing System, SMS Sender, Payroll System, Examination System, Accounts System, Bookshop, Question Bank and a unique Auto Responding System.


Information System

Information System includes: Student’s Commutative Record, Staff’s Commutative Record, Admission & Withdraw Register, & Attendance Record.


Accounts System

Account System includes: Bills / Payment Receipt, Bath Vouchers, Collection Reports, Defaulters Reports, Collection Summary, Expense Reports, Cash Book


Payroll System

The Payroll System includes these features: Biometric & Face Recognition, & Staff’s Salary System. You can also get the invoices of the salary in DOC, & PDF format.


SMS Sender

The SMS Sender features includes: Dynamic Messaging, Student’s Absentee SMS, Test Reports SMS, Bills SMS, Free SMS, Compatible with Android & Symbian devices.


Examination System

Examination System: It’s a unique software which minimizes the tedious process of question paper creation & helps you to create multiple question papers with just a single click.


Auto Responder

The Auto Responder feature is designed to establish effective communication between parents and management. It can respond queries automatically and quickly to the recipients.

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